12 de enero de 2012

8th International Biennial of Caricature, The Golden Smile, Belgrade 2012


The 8th International Biennial of CaricatureTHE GOLDEN SMILE – BELGRADE 2012November 2012*

The eigth International Biennial of Caricature THE GOLDEN SMILE – BELGRADE 2012, organised by the ULUPUDS (Association of Fine and Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia) and The Union of Cartoonists of Serbia FECO, in colaboration with the Serbian Tennis Federation on the 90th anniversary.*

The competition is open to artists from all over the world.

* Themes of the exhibition


2. PORTRAIT CARICATURE of famous players, coaches etc. from Serbia and around the world.

* Each author is to submit original works (all fine or graphic arts techniques are accepted).

Author may enter unlimited number of works.

The maximum size of one caricature is 42 X 29.7 cm (format A3) and minimal size is A4 (29.7 X 21 cm). Digital prints signed by the author, will also be accepted, preferably accompanied with a CD (jpg, tif, psd, 300 dpi).

* The selection of works and the decision on awards will be made by an international Jury appointed by the Exhibition Council.

* Awards

The Golden Medal and 1500 EUR

The Silver Medal and 1000 EUR

The Bronze Medal and 500 EUR,

The Karolj Seles honourable Award UCS FECO.

* The works with the author’s name and address, or with the stick- er filled and pasted on the back (or the photocopy of the sticker) should arrive BY AUGUST 20th, 2012 to the following address:

ULUPUDS (»The Golden Smile«) Terazije 26/II, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

To avoid custom problems, please write DOCUMENT, NO VALUE on the envelope.

* The exhibits shall not be returned to the artists and will remain in the Serbian Tennis Federation’s collection for their museum, calendar and other non-commercial purpose.

All exibitors authorise the organiser to reproduce their works without reimbursement, for advertising purposes of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be shown in other towns in Serbia and abroad.

* The organiser will publish an illustrated catalogue of the exhibition and all exhibitors will obtain it free of charge. By sending his works, each exhibitor accept the conditions mentioned above.

* These regulations are subject to interpretation of the Council of the Exhibition. President of the Exhibition Council and author of the exhibition is Prof. Jugoslav Vlahovic, graphic artist and cartoonist.

* For all the further information please contact Dijana Milasinovic Maric, curator ULUPUDS: telephone/fax: +381 11 2685 780 e-mail: http://www.blogger.com/kustos@ulupuds.org.rs ; http://www.blogger.com/ulupuds@beotel.net or jugovlah@yahoo.com ; http://www.ulupuds.org.rs/ ; http://www.fecoserbia.com/


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