6 de febrero de 2012

II the International competition of cartoons " Football unites us"

II the International competition of cartoons " Football unites us" ,

sanctified to realization of Championship of Europe on football in Ukraine and Poland of "EURO-2012"!

Organizers: the International festival of arts the "Gogol-fantasy"(Kherson), International competition of cartoons

"Carluka "(Poltava), Kherson artistic museum, Poltava artistic museum, Kharkov society of «Red Cross».

Chairman of judge of competition "Football unites us" is Yuriy Kosobukin(Ukraine). Members of the International judge of competition : O.Dergachov(Canada), M.Zlatkovsky (Russia), J. Pena-Pai(Romania), M.Shlafer(Ukraine), V. Krugov(Ukraine), K.Bashkirov, is Chairman of Kharkov organization of «Red Cross» (Ukraine) .

Themes of competition

I. «Football unites us».

II. Favorite footballer of national team on "Euro-2012"

III. Help of volunteers of the organization "the Red cross" on "Euro-2012".

A prize fund is 12 000 hrn.( 1500 $)

The first place is 5400 hrn. (700$) a statuette is a prize of "Rudyi Panko with the ball" of

Second place: 4000 hrn. (500$)

Third place: 2400 hrn. (300$)

12 Diplomas of competition.

Terms of competition

1. On a competition to send new ñartoons that did not occupy prize places on other competitions. Cartoons that took the prize places on other competitions not examined and taken off from participating in a competition.

2 Technicians of execution free. A format of ñartoons is in an electronic kind: JPEG (3MÂ -4MÂ), 300 dpi. on an address: info@art-krug.com

Inscription to the cartoons: in Ukrainian, Russian or English language: nomination, last name, name of author, contacts, creative biography (at pleasure).

3. In a nomination ¹2 - to specify what footballer and what national combined team of "EURO-2012" drawn.

4. Terms of realization

of From February, 5 to April, 25 is a reception of works in an electronic kind on the web-site of


and voting on a web-site in a division «Cartoons ". Interesting us opinion, cartoons lovers, that will be taken into account to the judge. A final decision for the selection of cartoons in a final catalogue and determinations of prizewinners belongs to the judge of competition. on May, 1 is a publication on the web-site of list 80-100 cartoons that will enter a catalogue "Football unites us" 2012.

On the 10th of May the Authors of cartoons of catalogue of cartoons, send originals(or quality authorial copies, format of À4) and personal photo(format of À6) on an address:

Kherson regional artistic museum, to Director of museum of Dozenko Alina, 73000, Ukraine, Kherson, Lenin Str., 34.

Of May, 20 is announcement of results of competition on the web-site of competition in the division " of News". Till July, 30 of 2011, artists of cartoons that will enter a catalogue will get authorial copies to the prizewinners prizes will be paid.

Presentation of exhibitions, catalogue: May 2012 - Kherson, June 2012, is Poltava.

Position of competition

Any author can become the participant of competition without limitations. The technique of execution is free.

2. Violation of copyrights is not possible!

3. Cartoons must not offend honours and dignities of footballers, trainers, political, national, religious looks. The stages of must not containviolence, cruelty, pornography of

4. In case of violation of Terms and Statute of competition - Cartoons are taken off c competition without explanation. Correspondence with authors is conducted only on the pages of official web-site of the International festival of arts "Gogol-fantasy" of www.art-krug.com

5. Sending the cartoons on a competition - the author of cartoons accepts the terms of II of the International Polish competition of cartoons "Football unites us "without exceptions and limitations.

6.Before beginning of competition (on February, 10) in Terms and Statute of competition can be brought in changes, additions; sent to the improvement of competition.

7. In conditions and competition position the changes are possible if they are directed on improvement of the competition.

8. The cartoons of participants of competition can be used by the organizers of competition for realization of exhibitions, popularization of competition, web-site, festival- arts. The cartoons of winners and students of competition remain in property of organizers of competition.

9. The informaishion to the artists participating in a competition and to the cartoon lovers : in case of obvious repetitions among the works sent on a competition and laid out on a web-site in a division "Cartoons". The acceptance of final decision about a caricature is laid at discretion of judge.

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