3 de marzo de 2012

International Awakening World Award Cartoon Contest-2012

International Awakening World Award Cartoon Contest-2012

Themes & Subjects:
Worlds Insurrection For Justice
Resistance against Mastery
Fight With Despotism
Awakening in modern world
Wall Street, 1=99


- participant can send maximum 5 artworks.
- Sending (Name, family name, post address, Email address and Telephone)
of artists Just by word file is necessary.
- The catalogue will be send to the entire artist that their
artworks published in the catalogue.
- Artworks must be in 200 dpi by width or length of 2000 pixel
by jpg format.
- Subject of [Awakening ] must be mentioned in the send Email.


Grand Prix: Golden Mention and cash prize of EU 10,000 .
Best Artist Prize: 5 selected works will be
awarded golden mention together with the cash prize of EU 2500.

Deadline:10th Mar., 2012

Address for sending artworks:

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