4 de abril de 2012

Rules of the Third Biennial of HUMOR "LUIS D'Oliveira Guimarães" - Penela 2012

Artistic Director: Osvaldo Sousa Macedo (humorgrafe.oms @ gmail.com)

1 - Theme: THE LETTERS AND JOURNALISM (caricatures of writers, journalists, thinkers, or drawings of humor over the letters, alphabets, reading the press, freedom of press, disagreements spelling ...)

2 - Open to the participation of all graphic artists with humor, professional or amateur.

3 - Deadline: June 10, 2012 (must be sent to humorgrafe.oms @ gmail.com, or humorgrafe@hotmail.com , humorgrafe_oms@yahoo.com - If you do not receive confirmation of receipt, forward new SFF)

4 - Each artist can send via email in digital format (300 dpis A4) up to 5 original works, black and white (one color - not accepted drawings 2, 3 or 4 colors), open to all techniques and styles as a caricature, cartoon, gag cartoon, strip, plank bd (story in a single board) ... these should be accompanied with information of the name and address, e-mail, telephone and no taxpayer.

5 - Entries will be judged by a jury consisting of: a representative of the Municipality of Penela, a representative of the Parish of Spinal, a representative of the family Oliveira Guimarães, the Artistic Director of the Biennale, a representative of the sponsors, a representative local communication and the two guest artists, being awarded the following awards:

* 1st Prize BHLOG III-2012 (worth € 1,800)
* 2nd Prize BHLOG III-2012 (worth € 1,300)
* 3rd Prize of BHLOG III-2012 (worth € 800)
The jury may award up to five Special Awards honorific.

6 - The jury grants the right not to publish those works that do not meet the minimum quality required, making a selection of the best works to expose the available space.

7 - The organization shall inform all artists by email if you have been selected, and what the award-winning artists. The works awarded compensation, are automatically acquired by the organization. The originals of the winning entries must be delivered to the organization (the original work done on the computer is a high quality print on A4, hand signed and numbered 1/1), because without such delivery, the prize money will not be unlocked.

8 - Catalog will be published as well as any cards that are sent to all selected artists.

9 - Reproduction rights are owned by the organization as soon as this organization is to promote, and occasionally discussed with the authors, for other uses.

10 - For further information contact the Artistic Director: Osvaldo Sousa Macedo (humorgrafe.oms @ gmail.com) or III Biennial of Humor Luis d'Oliveira Guimarães, Sector of Culture, Municipality of Penela, Town Hall Square, 3230-253 Penela - Portugal.

11 - The Third Biennial of Humor Luis d'Oliveira Guimarães - Penela 2012, will be held 1-30 September in the Library of Penela, extending to Lisbon in October (Faculty of Letters of Lisbon) in November and the School Social Communication of Coimbra.

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