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"IV la Ciudad de las Ideas" international cartoon contest / Mexico 2012

Theme : "What if ?..."
E.g. "What if we were eternal ? "
"What if there was life in another planet ?"

 Deadline: September 15, 2012

Number of entries: 

Max: 3 digital works with max: 21 cm x 29 cm in size or proportion (resolution not less than 300 dpi)
The works submitted must be entirely original and unpublished.
They must not be participating in a similar contest or event simultaneously.


1st Prize: A certificate and an all-inclusive trip to the historic city of Puebla de los Angeles, Puebla, Mexico to participate in the Festival Ciudad de las Ideas.

 2nd Prize: A certificate and an all-inclusive trip to the historic city of Puebla de los Angeles, Puebla, Mexico to participate in the Festival Ciudad de las Ideas.

3rd Prize: A certificate and an all-inclusive trip to the historic city of Puebla de los Angeles, Puebla, Mexico to participate in the Festival Ciudad de las Ideas. Two special distinctions, each with a certificate which will be sent in the days after the festival.

Address to send the artworks:

4th. International Cartoon Contest Reforma 222, Piso 12 Col. Juarez Delegacion Cuauhtemoc C.P. 06600 Mexico D.F.or, by e-mail : mpublicidad2011@yahoo.com.mx


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                                                    IRAN--YUOSOF ALIMOHAMADI


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1st International Humor Exhibition about Environmental Education 2012

1st International Humor Exhibition about Environmental Education 2012, Brazil

The Postgraduate Program in Environmental Education, Federal University of Rio Grande - FURG, along with the V CPEASUL - Researchers Colloquium on Environmental Education in the South and IV EDEA - Encounter and Dialogue with the Environmental Education invites cartoonists in the world to participate in 1st International Humor Exhibition on Environmental Education, to be held in Rio Grande in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, from 25 to 29 September 2012.
What is Environmental Education?
According to Law 9.795/99, which deals with environmental education and establishing the National Environmental Education, in article 1st, "means for environmental education processes through which the individual and the collectivity build social values, knowledge, skills, attitudes and skills for the conservation of the environment and of common use, essential to a healthy quality of life and its sustainability. "
What is Environment?
The set of conditions, laws, influences and interactions of physical, chemical and biological, which allows houses and govern life in all its forms.
What are the basic principles of environmental education?

I - the humanistic, holistic, democratic and participatory;
II - the design of the environment as a whole, considering the interdependence between the natural environment, the socio-economic and cultural, with a focus on sustainability;
III - the pluralism of pedagogic ideas and conceptions, in view of the inter, multi and transdisciplinarity;
IV - the link between ethics, education, work and social practices;
V - the guarantee of continuity and permanence in the educational process;
VI - the ongoing critical evaluation of the educational process;
VII - the approach articulated environmental issues at local, regional, national and global;
VIII - the recognition and respect for plurality and individual and cultural diversity.
What are the fundamental goals of environmental education?
I - developing an integrated understanding of the environment in its multiple and complex relations, involving ecological, psychological, legal, political, social, economic, scientific, cultural and ethical;
II - the guarantee of democratization of environmental information;
III - the encouragement and strengthening of a critical awareness of the environmental and social issues;
IV - the encouragement of individual and collective participation, permanent and responsible in preserving the balance of the environment, understanding the protection of environmental quality as a value inseparable from the exercise of citizenship;
V - the encouragement of cooperation between the various regions of the country, micro and macro-regional levels, with a view to building an environmentally balanced society, founded on the principles of liberty, equality, solidarity, democracy, social justice, responsibility and sustainability;
VI - to promote and strengthen integration with science and technology;
VII - the strengthening of citizenship, self-determination and solidarity as the foundations for the future of humanity.

1 - Dates:
- Registration: until 15 September
- Selection: from 18 to 20 September
- Disclosure of 100 works selected for the official: 21 September
- Awards: 25 September
- Closing the Show: 29 September.

2 - Participation:
- Professional and amateur cartoonists can submit up to three (3) cartoons in various thematic categories involving the Environmental Education (sustainability, urban mobility, health, nature conservation, agricultural ecology, recycling, social justice, diversity, etc.)
- The cartoon may have been published or awarded in another contest, the goal of the exhibition is to provide a forum for debate on environmental education through the Graphic Humor among teachers, students, researchers, cartoonists and the community.
- By signing the papers the cartoonist agrees to assign the right to use freely on the works for work in environmental education and exhibitions that have educational character.
- All cartoons will be displayed in http://cpeasul.blogspot.com.br, stating the job title, artist name, site, city and country.
- The 100 selected works will form the official show will be presented in the lobby of the auditorium CIDEC-South - Center for Integrated Development of Coastal and Ocean Ecosystem, Campus Carreiros Federal University of Rio Grande - FURG, where there's the V CEPASUL and IV EDEA, bringing together researchers, students and communities in southern Brazil and Uruguay.
- All registrants will receive a certificate of participation.
- All work will be part of the proceedings of the V CPEASUL and IV EDEA.

3 - Registration:
- The work will be received via e-mail humoreducacaoambiental@gmail.com .
- The cartoons should be in JPEG format, size A3 (42x30cm) and be at 300dpi.
- The three cartoons must be attached in the same e-mail, which shows the organization of the responsibility to confirm receipt.
- In the body of the email should be the following information about the work:
Full Name:
Artistic Name:
1 - File Name: Title of Cartoon:
2 - File Name: Title of Cartoon:
3 - File Name: Title of Cartoon:

4 - Award:
- The three (3) finishers will win a trophy, certificate and Brazilian graphic humor books and Environmental Education books.
- Also will be given five (5) honorable mentions with the right certificates.
- Other prizes may be added to the prizes described above.

The regulation is available on the blog http://cpeasul.blogspot.com.br/
We appreciate the publicity and participation.

Best regards,
Wagner Passos
Cartoonist and Organizer of the Exhibition
Prof. Dr. Vanessa Hernandez Caporlingua
Coordinator of PPGEA
Postgraduate Program in Environmental Education
Federal University of Rio Grande - FURG

Source: http://cpeasul.blogspot.com.br/2012/08/1st-international-humor-exhibition.html

17° Mercosur International Cartoon Contest Diógenes Taborda 2012

17° Mercosur International Cartoon Contest Diógenes Taborda VOLPE STESSENS CULTURAL FOUNDATION
The Cartoon contest is open to professional and amateur cartoonists and illustrators sending 1 to 3 works with the theme TANGO.
1 - Dates:
Art Selection: September 15th
Opening: September 21th, 19 hs.
Awards: October 12th, 19 hs.
2 - Categories: Cartoon (graphic humor), Comic Strips/Comic Stories (graphic art in sequence).
Caution: for comic strips will be accepted with a maximum of 03 pages), Caricature (graphic humor that expresses the physical and/or personality character known), illustration + Special Prize to the artwork most voted by the public.
3 - Theme: TANGO
4 - Requirements:
The graphicl tehnique is free. The entry form or a word document with the artist name, address, telephone, e-mail, website and a small biography. Each artist may enter with a maximum of 03 works per category in a size that no exceed 30x40 cm., digitalized in 300 DPI in RGB or CMYK and in JPG format. The works should be sent by e-mail to this e-mail addresses: volpestessens@gmail.com – diogenestaborda@gmail.com
5 - Prizes:
The Big Prize Diogenes Taborda 2012 will win a personal exhibition exclusive about him the Night of the Museums of Buenos Aires 2012 (the most popular day of the Argentinean museums) and a colective exhibition the other 4 awarded artists in the 4 categories during the next year to be realized in the Cartoon Museum Diogenes Taborda, el día de la historieta. Also will be edited a postcard in 10x15 cm with 4 colors. 1.000 copies and a diploma will be sent to the awarded artists.
6 - Jury:
- Marcelo Oliveri, Director Buenos Aires Academy of Lunfardo.
- Enrique Espina, President of the Center of Gardel studies.
- Horacio Torres, Director of the Museum House Carlos Gardel.
- Romulo Berruti, Journalist specialized in theatre, cinema and Tango; also a cartoon lover.
- Ana Von Rebeur, President of FECO Argentina, cartoonist for many places and writer of more than30 books.
- Corne (Santiago Cornejo), Director of the Cartoon magazine “Catrasca” and cartoonist publishing in magazines like MAD Germany, Nebelspalter, etc.
- Jorge Volpe Stessens, Director of the Cartoon Museum Diógenes Taborda.
7 - Additional information: A simple application requires the artist to acceptance of these regulations.
The artists selected tranfer automatically authorial rights of his artworks for reproductions in any media,without restriction, aiming to promote the event; and allows to the Cartoon Museum Diógenes Tabordato use this artwork in any other exhibitions.
Cartoon Museum Diogenes Taborda
Fundación Cultural Volpe Stessens
Jorge Omar Volpe Stessens
Website: http://www.museotaborda.org/
More info: http://museodiogenestaborda.blogspot.com/ .

The Third International Digital Media Cartoon Contest-2012

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Results 3rd Biennial of Humor "Luis D'Oliveira Guimarães" - Penela 2012

Results of Third Biennial of Humor "Luis D'Oliveira Guimarães" - Penela 2012, Portugal


1º Prize – Haroutiun Samuelian (Armenia)
2º Prize – Pedro Ribeiro Ferreira (Portugal)

3º Prize – Omar Turcios (Colombia).

Special Prizes:

Rui Duarte (Portugal)
Agim Sulaj (Albania)
Santigu – Antonio Santos (Portugal)
Pedro Manaças (Portugal).


(435 artists from 58 countries sent in 1250 works of which 419 works by 217 artists from 42 countries are selected):

Albania - Agim Sulaj /
 Argentina - Adrian Palmas, Daniel Campos, Diego Puglisi, Lawry – Marcelo Lawryczenko, Martin Fallocca, Walter Fornero /
Arménia - Haroutiun Samuelian /
Australia - David Rowe, Leszek Hermanowicz /
Austria - Hule Hanusic, Oliver Ottitsch /
 Belgium - Dré - André Mathijs, Kurt Vangheluwe /
Brazil - Alfonso Carlos Fernandes, Antoni Ribeiro Martins, Diogo D’Auriol Almeida, Érico Junqueira Ayres, Franklin Mendes, Glen Batoca, Iéio - Sérgio Luiz Roda, J. Bosco Jacó de Azevedo, Jeremias Sousa Castro, Luis Carlos Mattos, Marcelo Rampazzo, Marcio Roberto Marchini, Marco Souza, Marinho - Mário de Jesus Marcelino, Nilo Trovo, Osvalter Urbinati Filho, Rafael Bittencourt Corrêa, Robson Vilalba, Ronaldo Cunha Dia, Silvano Melo, Tonho Oliveira, Ulisses Araujo, Vianno Rheim, Waldez Duarte, Waldison Alves Moreira, William Martins Ribeiro /
 Bulgaria - Anatoliy Stankulov, Stefan Despodov, Tsocho Peev /
Chile - Horacio Brandi Walsen /
China - Gao Yeli, Hao Yanpeng, Jing Shan Li, Li Bu Yi, Qiao Wei, Rui Xi Zou, Run Tang Li, Wang Rui Sheng /
Cyprus - Huseyin Cakmak /
 Colombia - Elena Ospina, Fernando Pica, Freddy Pibaque, Guaico, Jorge Restrepo, Nani Mosquera, Triana - Camilo Triana Cubillos, Turcios, Zuleta, /
Croatia - Ivan Haramija Hans, Nikola Listes /
Egypt - Wesam Khalil /
Equador - Bonil /
Spain - Daniel Casado, David Pintor, Florencio Javier Arias Malavé, Fonso, Gogue, Igepzio - Ignacio González, Joaquín Aldeguer, José Luis Cabañas, Malagón, Michel Casado, Moises Ramirez Alonso, Ner Jovich, Pedro Sillero López, Raúl Iglesias, Rosario Laborda, Xaquin Marin /
France - René Bouschet /
Hungary - István Kelemen, Marabu / India - Mandzel Kari, Sairam Akundi /
Indonesia - Abdul Syuker, Agus Eko Santoso, Doddy Iswahyudi, Partono, Taufan Hidayatullah /
 Iran - Abbas Naaseri, Abedin Mohammadi, Aidin Ardjomandi, Ali Divandari, Ali Miraee, Ali Norouzi, Ali Shafei, Alireza Engili, Ehsan Ganji, Fakhredin Dost Mohamad, Hamidreza Sadeh, Javad Alizadeh, Javad Takjoo, Kambiz Derambakhsh, Khayam Moayedi, Mahdiye Kalantary, Mahmood Nazari, Maryam Abdar, Mehdi Azizi, Mehdi Mohammadi Roozbahani, Mohammad Reza Saghadi, Mohsen Zarifian, Rahim Asghary, Saeed Sadeghi, Sajad Rafeei, Samane Neisani, Seyed Hossein Yazdan Keshmiri, Seyed Mohammad Taghy Nassabe, Vahid Jafari /
 Israel - Alex. Bartfeld, Katz Grigori /
 Italy - Gio-Mariagrazia Quaranta, Michele Laporta, Zordan Daniele – Dindo /
Japan - Das - Daniel Sahade /
 Lithuania - Kazys Kestutis Siaulytis /
 Macedonia - Jordan Pop-Iliev / Montenegro - Darko Drljevic, Dragomir Djukic / Norway - Milad Paulus  Peru - Juana Muñoz, Omar Zavallos /
Poland - Agata Dziubek, Jersy Stepniak, Marcin Bondarowicz, Margaret Tabaka, Pawel Stanazyk, Tadeusz Krotos, Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz /
Portugal - Alexandre Trindade, Alvaro, António Costa, Henrique Monteiro, Hermínio Felizardo, Jose Antonio Fonseca, Jose Santos, Onofre Varela, Paulo Fernandes, Paulo Veloso, Pedro Manaças, Pedro Ribeiro Ferreira, Ricardo Galvão, Rui Duarte, Santiagu – Antonio Santos, Telmo Quadros Ferreira, Zé Manel, Zé Oliveira /
 Czech Rep. - Evzen David, Jana Maťátková, Roman Kubec /
Romania - Angel Cana, Artuche Felix, Constantin Chirila, Cost - Sunnerberg Constantin, Cristian Topan, Doru Axinte, Gheorghe Matei, Mihai Danielescu, Mihai Ignat, Nicolai Lengher, Pavel Botezatu, Pavel Constantin, Romeo Raileanu /
Russia - Aleksei Kivokurtcev, Aleksandr Sergeev, Alexandet Umyarov, Ashmarin Stanislav, Igor Smirnov, Valeri Tarasenko, Vasiliy Alexandrov, Zlatkovsky, Mikhail / Serbia - Aleksandar Blatnik, Dragan Stojanovic, Goran Divac, Jovan Prokopljevic, Jugoslav Vlahovic, Milenko Kosanovic, Mileta Miloradovic, Sava Babic, Snežana Čomor, Tovirac Zoran Toco, Vladimir Sivtsevich Volodja /
Turkmenistan - Valentin Druzhinin /
Turkey - Alper Ok, Erdem Çolak, Erdogan Basol, Faruk Soyarat, Halit Kurtulmus, Hicabi Demirci, Kenan Bogurcu, Muammer Olcay, Omer Cam, Recep Bayramoglu /
Ukraine - Alexander Dubovsky, Oleg Goutsol, Oleksy Kustovsky, Valery Momot, Victor Holub, Vladimir Kazanevsky, Yuri Kosobukin, Yuriy Galiakbarov /
Uruguay – Raquel Orzuj, Luis Haro / USA - Roozbeh Jafarzadeh /
Uzbekistan - Makhmud Eshonkulov /
Venezuela - José Garcia.

Source: http://humorgrafe.blogspot.com/ .

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50 final works /1st International Cartoon Humor Contest "Witches &Sorcerer "Spain2012

see gallery

Results of 2nd International contest of cartoon "Fun in Vassylivka style"/Ukraine 2012

 The winners of main theme: «Castle»

1 prize - gold medal + diploma : Vladimir Semerenko-c- Russia
2 prize - silver medal + diploma :Yuriy Galiakbarov -w-Ukraine
3 prize - bronze medal + diploma : Yuriy  Kosobukin -n- Ukraine

Prize from the city administration: Borislav Stankovic - Serbia

Prize from administration of castle: Victor Gloug - Ukraine

Special prize: Makhmudjon  Eshonkulov - Uzbekistan


Ramiro Zapata / Colombia

Saleh Razm / Iran

Uldis Saulitis /Latvija

Valeiy Momot / Ukraine

Li Jingshan /China

The winners of another theme: «Rest and entertainment»

1 prize - gold medal + diploma : Valentin Georgiev - Bulgaria
2 prize - silver medal + diploma:Alexey Kustovsky - Ukraine
3 prize - bronze medal + diploma:Ambrozie Borta - Romania

Prize from the city administration:Trayko popov - Bulgaria

Prize from administration of castle: Oleg Cucol - Ukraine

Special prize: Gennadiy Nazarov - Ukraine


Yuosof Alimohamadi / Iran

Valeriy Alexandrov / Bulbaria

Igor Simirnov / Russia

Alexey Kivokurcer / Russia

Yuriy Didenko / Ukraine



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Results of "shopping is life" of the first Czech Republic Cartoon Contest 2012

Results of "shopping is life" of the first Czech Republic Cartoon Contest
2012 will be held in the month of September, in conjunction with the award ceremony, the exhibition will be exhibited in various parts of Turkey's karikatürlerden a Finalist in the contest will be made in the distribution of the album.
The result of the contest as a result of the evaluation of the jury as follows.

Czech Republic won first place from the Pavel MATU?KA.
The competition prize of $ 2000, with prize money of 1000 second and third 500 USD plaque

2. Viladimir KAZANEVSKY (Ukraine)

3. Nikola LISTES (Croatia)

Honorable Mention: Hamza Akin (Turkey)

Honorable Mention: Milenko KOSONOVIC (Serbia)

Honorable Mention: Muammer KOTBA? (Turkey)

                         Hicabi DEM?RC? Cartoonists Association Special Award: Anatolia (Turkey)