18 de febrero de 2012

The 5th International Patio Brasil Environmental Humor Show - 2012

The 5th International Patio Brasil Environmental Humor Show


As a source of life, water is an indispensable substance to human survival. However, day by day, the future of such precious and finite liquid is becoming unknown. We deliberately waste water, we contaminate and dry out watercourses, and we pollute the seas and the large reservoirs of drinkable water.
According to the United Nations assessment, from now on 15 years, more than half of the world’s population will suffer from the shortage of water. UN data also points out that nowadays, year after year, 1.6 million people or so die because of difficulties in finding water and the lack of proper sanitation.
Nonetheless, against these pessimistic predictions, we live in a world that is more and more aware of the issues. People are valuing more and more this greatly precious liquid, using it more rationally, more thoughtfully and more carefully. Today, we can say the world population has awaken to the cause and we have done so in due time to, who knows, guarantee the future also, of life to the next generations.
The shortage of water in terms of amount and quality is way more real and more true than would have been thought. But so are the awareness, the rationalization and the widespread warning of the issue. What is to set the future of water, is the attitude that everyone is going to undertake from now on.
The 5th International Salon Patio Brasil, on Humor About the Environment - Ecocartoon, wishes to engage in this debate and to help set this discussion clearer, smarter and more creative. So, you are welcome in this mission.

2 The 5th International Patio Brasil Environmental Humor Show - Ecocartoon

The event is a competitive exhibit of humorous drawings, whose main objective is to provoke reflection regarding a specific theme. The tools used shall be Charges, Cartoons, Caricatures and Comic Strips on the theme of The Future of Water.

3 Participation

a) Participation is open to all graphic artists, amateur and professional, Brazilian or foreign.
b) Each contestant may submit a total of two (2) unpublished works. The categories are Charge, Cartoon, Caricature and Comic Strips, which shall compete with each other.
c) By registering, contestants acknowledge being solely responsible for the veracity of the data and authorship of the submitted works, and are subject to civil and criminal action if it is proven, during or after the contest, that the data or author of the submitted work are false.
d) Participation is forbidden to those who are directly associated with this event.

4 Entry Submission

a) Entry submission forms may be obtained at http://www.ecocartoon.com.br/.
b) Entries may be submitted through the website or by mail.
c) Only one (1) entry submission form shall be accepted per participant.
d) Confirmation of entry acceptance shall be made by a confirmation email message.
e) By submitting an entry, participants acknowledge acceptance of this regulation, and all of its terms, as well as the final result of the contest and the subsequent use of the winning entry.

4.1 Online Registration

a) By making the registration, the cartoonist will receive an e-mail password to login ECOCARTOON site. With this password he will be entitled to attach the work(s) desired.
b) The cartoonist is free to register and submit works on different days.
c) Works must be submitted in size A3 (297mm x 420 mm), horizontal or vertical, in JPEG, with at least 300 DPI.
d) The organization is not responsible for the registration or works not received for any technical problems regarding computers, congestion, lack of lines of communication or for any other factor affecting the successful submission of entries at the website of the event.

4.2 Registration by Mail

a) Works must be submitted in size A3 (297mm x 420 mm), horizontal or vertical.
b) Works must be submitted together with the filled out registration form by mail, or delivered directly at the administration of the Pátio Brasil Shopping Mall, Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm, at the following address: SCS Qd. 07 Bl. A Administração - Bairro: Asa Sul CEP: 70.307-902 Brasília DF, with the name of the event, ECOCARTOON, clearly marked on the envelope or package.
c) Works must be submitted in appropriate packaging, and the organizing committee shall not be held responsible for any damage caused during remittance.
d) The organizing committee shall not be held responsible for entries or works not received due to losses in the mail, postal service workers’ strikes, or for any other reason affecting successful delivery of entries by mail.

5 Use of Entries

a) ALL works entered and submitted to the contest shall become definite property of Condomínio Pátio Brasil Shopping, which shall exercise the exclusive right of ownership to use the work according to its interest, and their authors are not entitled, under any circumstances, to any form of indemnity.
b) After the selection, the selected works shall be exhibited on the premises of the Pátio Brasil Shopping Mall, and posted at the website www.ecocartoon.com.br, and may, together with other participating entries, be submitted to other uses.
c) The organizing committee shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by third parties, when exhibited in public or due to deterioration caused by handling of the work during the event.


a) Entries must be received by 15 April, 2012.
b) Entries will be judged on 15 May, 2012.
c) Exhibition shall take place between the 1st and 30th of June, 2012.


a) The selection and awarding of entries shall be based on creativity, originality and pertinence to the proposed theme and made by a judging committee, whose decisions are final and must be accepted by the participants.
b) The judging commission shall select one hundred (100) works, from the submitted entries, for the exhibition to be held at Pátio Brasil Shopping.
c) Of the one hundred (100) selected works, four (4) works shall be granted awards, three (3) works being chosen by the judging committee, and one (1) work (excluding the three winners) chosen by popular jury, whose decisions are final.
d) In order to promote new values among young cartoonists (under the age of 18), the jury shall select a work to receive the Young Talent trophy, which shall be shown at the exhibit and included in the catalog.
e) The members of the jury shall select 15 works, excluding the three (3) winners, to received certificates of Honorable Mention.
f) Any omissions in the present regulation shall, in a timely manner, be addressed by the judging committee, by referendum at the Pátio Brasil Shopping Mall.


a) The selected entries shall be granted the following awards:
1st Place ................................R$ 4,000.00 and trophy;
2nd Place ................................R$ 2,000.00 and trophy;
3rd Place ................................R$ 1,500.00 and trophy;
Winner Popular Jury ......... R$ 750.00 and trophy;
Young Talent ...................... Trophy;
15 Honorable Mentions .......... Certificate.
b) All entries selected for exhibition shall be included in the event catalog.
c) The winners shall be announced on June 1, 2012 at the opening of the exhibition, and at 10 am at the event’s website. Winners shall be informed by telegram and/or phone call/email.
d) Awards shall be given no later than 30 days after disclosure by the shopping mall’s administration or by bank draft if the winner resides outside of Brasília/DF.

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