2 de abril de 2013

“The 3rd International Resistance Art Festival” 2013

“The 3rd International Resistance Art Festival”

Technique: Free
Maximum sending artworks: 5 Artworks. Caricatures & Cartoons.
Size: Artworks must be by format (Jpg) minimum 2953 to 4135 pixel by 300 DPI dimensions, send by online application.

Caricature Section Theme:
Adolf Hitler, Richard Nixon, Ariel Scharon, Saddam, Muammar Al Gaddafi,Husni Mubarak, Al Khalifa, George W Bush, Osama Bin Laden.

Cartoon section Theme:
Palestine, Nuclear Energy for Everybody and Nuclear weapon for Nobody, crime against Humanity, New Cold War, Wall Street Movement 1=99

Cartoon & Caricature section Awards:
Resistance Trophy, Honorable Mention and 6 prizes of 17 million Rials in each section.
Please send your photo and biography with your artworks.
Please send your artworks via email:info@resistart.ir
or via Online Application: http://app.resistart.ir

Extra Time Deadline For Sending Artworks: April,09, 2013
Tel: +98 21 88 911 214
+98 21 88 911 215
Fax: +98 21 88 911 219
Website: Http://Www.Resistart.Ir


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