7 de noviembre de 2011

2nd Shirozhan International Cartoon Competition 2011 - Iran

Contest: 2nd SHIROZHAN International Cartoon Competition
Deadline: 2011-11-22
Subject: Free
Country: Iran

Shirozhan International Cartoon group, with the target of development and growth of pure cartoon and keeping artists persevering and hardworking, is going to hold its second international Annual. The most important feature of this competition is that the winners will be selected by the visitors through an online voting.

1. Participation
This contest is going to be held online and the applicants must send their works via "contact us" section in shirozhan group website. Each applicant must attach a document to the woks containing name and surname, address, e-mail, telephone and cell phone number of the artist.
The works sent to shirozhan by any other way or lacking requested information in the explanation part will not be submitted.
2. Specifications
maximum file size: 500 Kilobytes
maximum resolution: 100 dpi
maximum dimensions: A4
format: RGB, JPG

3. There is no limitation on the number of submitted works.
4. Choice of subject is free and there must be no text as caption or dialogue included.
5. The works must be sent from 13th Nov. 2010 to 13th Nov. 2011.

6. Judging
All received cartoons, according to the propriety of the date received, after the initial selection by shirozhan will be immediately published in the shirozhan group website as the cartoon of the day for 24 hours and then it will be available in the cartoon of the day archive. The viewers can score each cartoon from the time it is displayed until the deadline.

7. How to score:

For scoring the works, after entering cartoon of the day section, in the archive, click on the name of the cartoonist and then submit your score. Obviously, the works which are displayed for being judged and commented have higher chance of achieving scores.
After the deadline, forty works which have the highest scores will be judged by the team and finally ten will be awarded as winners. If more than two works of an artist are among the final forty works, the two which have the higher scores will be considered and the rest will be put aside. Also, if there is any work by the members of shirozhan group among the final works, they will be excluded from the competition.

7. Prizes:
First award: Persian Handicrafts with approximate value of 6.000.000(six million) Rials+ appreciation plaque
Second award: Persian Handicrafts with approximate value of 5.000.000(five million) Rials+ appreciation plaque
Third award: Persian Handicrafts with approximate value of 4.000.000(four million) Rials+ appreciation plaque
Fourth to Tenth awards: appreciation plaque+ SHIROZHAN gifts

8. If you have any questions or for more information please contact

WEB: http://www.shirozhan.com/

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