15 de noviembre de 2011

Results of the 23rd Olense Kartoenale /Belgium 2011

The main prize of the 23rd Olense Kartoenale was secured by the Belgian Danny Maes Shots. The second prize, the copper pot, is also played by a Belgian: Norbert Van Yperzeele from Oudenaarde.

The other winners in the adult category are:

Third prize, the clay pot: Recep Bayramoglu (Turkey);
Fourth prize, the lekkerbekpot: Santiago Cornejo (Argentina);
Fifth prize, the inkwell: Kamil Weiner (Slovakia);
Sixth prize, the prize surprise: January Dufour (Belgium);
price of Amnesty International Gholipour Shirin (Iran).

In the youth category the first prize went to Shi Tian from China in June. Here the second prize snatched by a young, promising Belgian Quentin from Thijs Oud-Turnhout.

The other finalists are:

3rd prize: A Song He (China);
4th prize: Huo Chong Wang (China).
The winning cartoons and the other entries are combined in a beautiful color catalog you for 10 euros at the reception in the town can buy.

Info: Leisure Service, 014 27 94 22 @ vrije.tijd olen.be

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