18 de noviembre de 2011



1. Participation in the PCE is free of charge.
2. The cartoons which you will submit must all have appeared in the course of 2011 in a newspaper, magazine or periodical which is available to the general public, and published in one of the European countries.
3. Each cartoon participating in the PCE must be accompanied by the name and date of the publication in which it originally appeared.
4. Each cartoon participating in the PCE must be accompanied by the author's personal details: family name, first name, full postal address, and telephone numbers, email address, website (if any).
5. Your cartoons, up to a maximum of 3, must reach us by Saturday31th December 2011at the latest.
6. Only those cartoons sent electronically (jpg format: minimum 300 dpi) to the following address will be considered as valid entries: evi@presscartoon.com
Fill in the enclosed registration form.
7. All texts and captions in a language other than French, English, German or Dutch must be translated into one of these four languages.
8. The selection committee of PCE will nominate 50 cartoons chosen from all those submitted to go forward for the PCE Grand Prix. The authors of these cartoons will be notified.
9. PCE will be authorized to exhibit all nominated cartoons at the International Cartoon Festival at Knokke-Heist on the Belgian coast during the summer of 2012, and also to publish them in the annual of best European press drawings of 2011.
10. PCE will be able to make free use of all the nominated cartoons for any publications or communications in connection with the prize, including press releases, posters, announcements of events organized by PCE such as exhibitions, symposia, etc.
11. The jury, composed of journalists from several European countries, will meet on Thursday 23rd February 2012in Brussels, and will select the winning entry to be awarded the PCE Grand Prix 2012, as well as a second and a third prize.The names of the winners will be announced the same day.
12. The author of the Grand Prix will receive a cheque for 8.000 € as well as a bronze trophy created by the Belgian artist Ever Meulen. The second and the third prize receive 1.000 € each.
13. The prizes will be awarded during the opening ceremony of the International Cartoon Festival at Knokke-Heist in June 2012.

Wishing you great success,

Karel Anthierens,
Founder/Chairman of the PCE

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